two days in a row. and the world stands still. what could possibly be happening? twice in 24 hours; it seems a bit excessive.
it seemed so easy, yet lending sound to these thoughts would obviously be anything but simple. torments, little uncertainties, questions facilitated by this lack of closure. to speak would erase this restlessness and return me again to some better mindless sleep. or will it? will the closure i need be the closure i feared?
finally, these apprehensions have found a voice, i hold them in no more. but with these words comes only the worst. no peace, no rest; just the end i hoped would not be. bated words flow at last; confirming my fears and bringing with them a host of regrets. the mystery was better. silence was golden.



At 9:19 PM, Anonymous a 19 year old girl that breathes death cab said...

I know you haven't written anything for the past two years, and that it doesn't really make sense for me to write anything, but I like to do pointless stuff. Plus, you like death cab for cutie, and you gotta love a guy that likes great music AND the virgin suicides. Well, that's pretty much it, since you're never going to read this.


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