so i owe you all a post. actually i don't owe anyone a damn thing. but somehow i feel guilty for the haunting silence that has overrun this place. being that i have been busy and generally lacking creativity, i have been absent of late. and in this absence i may have chased away all of you readers; the ones i hated, and sadly the ones i liked.
but alas!!! what a word. it sounds so good in my head and even in writing. alas! alas! alas! but who says alas? it is my contention that anyone who uses "alas" in every day conversation is a boring person and is thus trying, in speech, to compensate for their otherwise drab personality. i hate those people.
alas!!! i have found a new audience...emptiness. my words echo and fall pointlessly to the floor. so here i am, in the same place as always. a sudden desire to write and nothing to say. i find this indicative of a greater problem in life.
i think ambiguity is perfect; i like when something leaves you with more questions than answers. questions of meaning, depth, and reality. beautiful sentence fragments that need no revisions. rainy nights filled with irony. sometimes, though said with eloquence, the poetry does not erase the underlying hollowness.
i am drowning in red.



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