it seems lack of sleep has driven me here again. this time it is the other end of the spectrum. i came here to read, to lull my mind to some sweet oblivion. but i am still awake and so now i write. perhaps a short stint at creativity might be the proverbial straw that pushes me into the darkness i cannot find.
sometimes i think if i sit here and type, something will come out. tonite, that is not the case. instead you get a running commentary on my inability to put my mind on one subject long enough to discuss it.
i really pity people that secretly evaluate you and gloat in your shortcomings. what a miserable existence, to lurk in the darkness waiting for the next failure you can pass on to your lifeless companions. how does one's life become so mediocre that they must feed the dogs with the happenings of someone else? have enough people become wise to your ploys? have your ranks become so small that you must seek satisfaction in the missteps of those who have long since moved on? well, enjoy!!! i am glad to do my part to keep the rumor mills spinning.



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