it never made sense to me. she, familiar but unknown. me, ever-changing into sameness. i could always predict her unpredictability, always misunderstand her logic, but she could never satiate my boredom. people change but changing together means always being the same. the laughter was stale, the music the same. today is yesterday and yesterday, tomorrow. this jaded poison has sucked the life out of every movement. familiar exchanges take the place of heartfelt emotion. "i love you" rings empty in the silence, lingering briefly in the air before falling helplessly to the floor, returning the comfortable awkwardness we were so accustomed to. i once lived for the moment but this moment has become forever. i am blinded by complacency, i am numb. life happens around me, and i, i have become sidelined by this indelible emptiness. words fail me. and my rambling trails off, leaving you again with questions that can only be answered by ambiguity.



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