today the sun has chosen not to show its face. instead, as i look out the window all i see is a suicide grey. this day is like a poorly lit movie. the kind that is painful to watch. the whole time you sit there thinking, "someone turn on a light." nevertheless, the weather is irrelevant and has nothing to do with my mood. as far as i am concerned the weather is always the same inside. and so today i sit beneath the fluorescent bulbs and wish for darkness. i hate overhead lighting, i find it both bland and intrusive.
segue...i am quitting my job today. yup! i am out of here. in this line of work, you don't give two weeks notice when you say you are done...that's it. i start a much better job on monday and i can't wait to get the hell out of here. once the boredom is deafening, i will go through the formalities with my boss and be on my way. this is also irrelevant.
okay that is all for now, a grey day, a fluorescent day, a new day.



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