so i guess i must be doing something right here in idiotville. they gave me my own office today which makes me very happy. but my smile comes not from the reasons you may expect. i don't care about the privacy, it does not stroke my ego, and i don't feel as though i have made it. my pleasure comes from the fact that i am now my own d.j.

from time to time on this here forum, i have complained about the music at work. now those complaints will be no more. clients will come in and wonder where my euphoric smile is coming from, my production will double, and mondays will even be decent. i now have control over my mood. this may make no sense to some, but to me, music is a part of me. my feelings rise and fall with the intensity. my body feels the rhythm from head to toe, brilliant lyrics fascinate me, and the artistry is mysterious.

my involuntary smirk is brought to you today courtesy of rilo kiley.

happy thursday everyone!!!!



At 1:27 PM, Blogger David said...


that's exactly the same reason i want my own office.


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